Tim Sendelbach

Fire Department
Title: Interim Fire Chief
Phone: 559-897-6531
Tim Sendelbach

Tim is a 33-year student and educator of the fire and emergency services currently serving as the Interim Fire Chief for the Kingsburg (CA) Fire Department.  Tim previously served as the Editor-in-Chief and Conference Director for Firehouse overseeing the content and editorial direction of Firehouse Magazine, Firehouse.com, Firehouse Expo, Firehouse World, and related products.  Tim also served as the Editor-in-Chief for FireRescue Magazine and Firefighternation.com.

Tim is a past president of the International Society of Fire Service Instructors (ISFSI) and has served as an Assistant Fire Chief with the North Las Vegas (NV) Fire Department, as the Chief of Training for Savannah (GA) Fire & Emergency Services, and as the Assistant Fire Chief for Missouri City (TX) Fire & Rescue Services. Tim is a credentialed Chief Fire Officer and Chief Training Officer with the Center for Public Safety Excellence (CPSE) and has earned a master’s degree in Leadership from Bellevue University, bachelor’s degrees in Fire Administration and Arson, and an associate’s degree in Emergency Medical Care from Eastern Kentucky University.


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