Q: Can I call, email, fax or zoom in my protest?

No, Proposition 218 requires a written protest with a signature. You can voice your opinion on the Prop 218 rates ,but in order your protest to count you have the right to  submit a written protest for each property with Solid Waste or Street Sweeping services. The notice and form were mailed with your your June utility bill  and can be downloaded here

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1. Q: What is Proposition 218?
2. Q: Why are we proposing to raise the rates?
3. Q: When was the last time we raised the Solid Waste Rates?
4. Q: How can I protest the proposed rate adjustments?
5. Q: What needs to be included in my protest?
6. Q: Can I call, email, fax or zoom in my protest?
7. Q: How can I support or vote “yes” on the proposed rate adjustments?
8. Q: When will the proposed rate increases take effect?
9. Q: I heard about the proposed rate increase, but didn’t receive paperwork. How can I get a copy?
10. Q: What is the consequence if the proposed rate increases are voted down?
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