ALS Paramedic Response

 Kingsburg Fire Department is an (ALS) practicing agency which allows us to practice the most advanced level of prehospital medical care as an "all hazard" organization. Out of our six (6) personnel that are staffed daily, at least three (3) of them are certified paramedics. This allows KFD to place at least one (1) paramedic on both rescue ambulances and on the engine also. Approximately 80% of Kingsburg Fire's incidents involve medical emergencies. Practicing expedient and efficient patient care is a huge priority within our organization's commitment towards excellence.

In addition to having ALS response capabilities within our local response area(s), Kingsburg Fire also provides rescue paramedics on the CA USAR RTF 5 Team

During wildfire season many KFD firefighter paramedics also serve as fire-line paramedics. As "line medics" personnel are sent all throughout the state to assist the front-line crews with mitigating the wildfire.

If you have any questions regarding our EMS operations, contact our Paramedic Liaison Officer at (559)-897-5457 or email here

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