Neighborhood Improvement

Office Hours:

Mondays - Thursdays (8:00 am - 5:00 pm)

Department Counter is closed on Fridays and during Holidays.

Reporting a Concern

Please follow this link to report a concern. This is not to be used for emergencies. All requests will be reviewed and addressed in accordance with the City of Kingsburg policies and within the limits of available resources.

What Is Neighborhood Improvement?

It is the act of enforcing the codes of a particular municipality. The Municipal Code of Kingsburg has many different regulations in regards to property maintenance, fire hazard prevention, parking on public and private property, and on many other topics, all of which are enforced.

Why do we need Neighborhood Improvement?

One of the main reasons for neighborhood improvement is to combat the spread of blight. This is one of the functions of government that can be seen outside of your window. If your streets and alleys are clear of debris and your neighbors' properties appear well maintained, then the Neighborhood Improvement Officer has done their job, or you have wonderful neighbors. Another main function of neighborhood improvement is to reduce buildup of fire hazards. Overgrown weeds and lawn, accumulation of debris and miscellaneous items, and home improvements that are not up to the California Building Code standards are just a few of the fire hazards that are listed in the Municipal Code.

What Should I do if I Get a Notice of Violation?

If you are in violation of the Municipal Code, the Neighborhood Improvement Officer will leave a Notice of Violation on your door. The notice itself simply points out what Code you are in violation of, how long you have to abate the violation until you receive a second Notice, the date and time the violation was given, any possible notes on the violation, and a signature from the Neighborhood Improvement Officer. What you need to do is abate whatever violation is listed on the Notice within the time period given on the Notice. These Notices have no fines or citations attached to them, however if you do not abate the violation within the time given on the Notice, you may receive an Administrative Citation. If you have any questions or comments about a Notice you received, please call the Neighborhood Improvement Division at (559) 897-5328.


Notice of Violation