2017/2018 Construction Projects

The 2017/18 fiscal year continues our emphasis on infrastructure improvements.  The table below provides a brief description and estimated date of completion.  For more information regarding planned projects, please contact City Engineer Dave Peters

Kingsburg Road Projects (2005-2016)

Project Name Total Cost Funding Source Project Description Estimated Completion
Facade/Alley Program
General Fund
Provides matching funds for eligible projects. 
Ongoing; 7 projects funded to date for FY18
Upper Floor Rehab Loan
$100,000 General Fund
Provides forgivable loan funds for eligible upper floor residential projects. 
Current project: Apotek Lofts
Fire Station #1 Repairs
General Fund
Replace rotting wood & repaint exterior of Station #1
Pool - Sand Filter
$20,000 General Fund
Phased replacement of six sand filters (phase II)
Street Striping
$5,000 Local - LTF 8
Regular road striping; school zones and crosswalks
21st Ave Reconstruction
Measure C/LTF 8
Sierra to Plumas; Road reconstruction, sidewalk repair, lighting and drainage improvements
May 2018
Signage Replacement
$75,000 General Fund/LTF 8
New highway and local wayfinding signage per CPAT recommendations
Spring 2018
Welcome Banner Replacement
$10,000 Measure C
Replacement of worn/torn Welcome banners
Spring 2018
18th/Kern Lighted Crosswalk
$61,496 Federal Grant
Installation of a lighted crosswalk to service pedestrian traffic near Lincoln School
Spring 2018
Clarkson Ave. Repairs
$125,000 Measure C
Road reconstruction of City limits (partnership with Tulare Co)
Spring 2018
Water Well Maintenance
$20,000 Water Enterprise
Maintenance of seven (7) municipal wells
Bethel Ave. Improvements
$406,009 RSTP Federal Grant
Preliminary Engineering portion of the project only (cost is total construction costs)
Engineering Completed
2'' Water Main Line
$50,000 Water Enterprise
Replacement of 2'' water line from Napa to Draper St.
Spring 2018
Preventative Road Maint.
$80,000 SB1 Funding
Application of reclamite to streets to prolong longevity (several streets throughout the City)
Madsen Ave. Bike/Pedestrian Path
$395,814 Federal Grant
Engineering and ROW acquisition only (cost is total construction costs)
Spring 2018