The City of Kingsburg's annual water supply (6,138 acre-feet) currently exceeds the City's water demands (3,798 acre-feet). Therefore, the City's water conservation standard has been set at 0%. The methodology to support the City's water supply determination is presented below:

Water Fees & Schedules

In 2012, the City Council completed necessary Proposition 218 work to implement a phased approach to increasing water rates The plan was suspended due to low water usage, put has been reenacted by the City Council. Water Rates are scheduled to increase starting in August. They will increase by $1.75 per gallon. 

Compliance Requirements

Outdoor Watering Information

Do your part to help conserve during drought.  The State of California has amended the mandatory conservation requirements and returned control to each utility.  As such, the Kingsburg City Council has provided the following direction as of June 1, 2016:

  • Outdoor watering will be allowed three (3) days per week from April - October. 
    • Odd numbered addresses can water on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
    • Even numbered addresses can water on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.
    • No watering on Monday
  • New outdoor irrigation hours. no watering between 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. on any day.
  • Do not allow water to flow beyond your property line
  • Automatic shutoff nozzle required for washing vehicles; washing down of driveways or sidewalks is prohibited.

  • During the months of November - March, watering will be reduced to two (2) days per week. 
    • Odd numbered addresses can water on Tuesday and Saturday only.
    • Even numbered addresses can water on Wednesday and Sunday only
    • No watering on Monday, Thursday and Friday
Note: Restrictions do not apply to drip irrigation systems.

Patrol Monitoring

Watering will be monitored by City patrols. Citizens who do not comply with restrictions will be cited and fined without a warning in accordance with City Ordinance Number 91-03.
  • 1st offense - $25
  • 2nd - $50
  • 3rd - $100
  • 4th citation and any subsequent notices $500
Note: These fines will automatically be added to your monthly water bill.

Water Quality Reports

The City of Kingsburg annually publishes the Consumer Confidence Report or Water Quality Report to inform the citizens of Kingsburg about the quality of their water. 
View All Consumer Confidence Reports