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City Council Member Election on November 6, 2018
Kingsburg will conduct a General Municipal Election on Tuesday, November 6, 2018. The Election is held on the same day as the statewide General Election. There are three (3) elected positions within the City that are open for nominations:

Council Member - District 1 (Incumbent Bruce Blayney and  Incumbent Staci Smith)
ššCouncil Member - District 4 (Incumbent Michelle Roman)
ššCouncil Member - District 5 (No Incumbent)

For more information please visit the

Election Information Page

Poll Workers Needed! The County of Fresno is currently recruiting for the November 6, 2018 Elections.

You can assist with the democratic process while getting compensated!
Poll worker information and application
High School Poll Worker Information

The City is looking for Committee Member Volunteers!

The City is receiving applications for the Measure E Committee.

You can apply in person at City Hall or download the committee member application here.


The City Clerk is the local official who administers democratic processes such as elections, access to the city records, and all legislative actions ensuring transparency to the public. The City Clerk acts as a compliance officer for federal, state, and local statutes including the Political Reform Act, the Brown Act, and the Public Records Act.
  • Elections Official
  • Local Legislation Auditor
  • Municipal Officer
  • Records and Archives
  • Public Inquiries and Relationships
  • City Council Support Services
  • Keeper of all legal documents
  • Generates City Council Agendas, takes minutes of Council meetings, and updates the Kingsburg Municipal Code as necessary
  • Supervise the work of other personnel


If you are interested in being heard at a City Council meeting, please contact City Clerk Abigail Palsgaard for more information.

Scheduled upcoming City Council Meetings:
July 18, 2018 @6pm
August 1, 2018 @6pm
August 15, 2018 @6pm
September 5, 2018 @6pm
September 19, 2018 @6pm
October 3, 2018 @6pm
October 17, 2018 @6pm
November 7, 2018 @6pm

Citizen Commission Roster-Maddy Act

Roster of Citizens on Commissions