Award Winning Community

Our City has won many different awards thought its existence. However, Kingsburg has seen an increase in the amount of awards it's received in recent times.

40 under 40, Alexander J. Henderson (2015)

The 40 Professionals Under 40 Years Old Award is given out to 40 leaders of the Central Valley who are all under the age of 40 City Manager, Alex Henderson was a recipient of the award as part of the 2015 class.

Citizen Engaged Community (2015-2017)

This is an award given by the Public Technology Institute and is given to communities and local governments who have quickly adapted to use technology in order to keep in contact with their citizens. The City of Kingsburg received this award in late 2015 and was one of nine cities in the country to receive such an award. Some of the other cities include Los Angeles CA, Philadelphia PA, and San Antonia TX.

Government Finance Officers Association Distinguished Budget Award (2015-2016)

This award is given to local governments that have prepared budgets that exceed expectations and reflect the guidelines established by the National Advisory Council on State and Local Budgeting and the Government Finance Officer's Association (GFOA). The City of Kingsburg received this award in 2015 for the City's 2015-2016 budget.

Constant Contact All Star Award (2015)

This award is given to Constant Contact users who are within the top 10% in customer satisfaction, have regular communication with their audience, have a high rate of opened and clicked links, and low bounce rates. Constant Contact is the company that the City uses to send out the weekly Kingsburg Carrier.