Reserve Firefighter Program


The Kingsburg Fire Department Reserve Firefighter Program’s primary mission is to:

  • Provide the Kingsburg Fire Department and citizens of Kingsburg with supplemental staffing for emergency response and related activities.
  • Provide an opportunity to mentor, develop, and prepare candidates who wish to pursue a career in the fire and emergency services.
  • Set the highest standard possible in the fire and emergency services through commitment, professionalism and cooperation.

Program Description: 

The Reserve Firefighter Program is a part time, at will, paid position with the City of Kingsburg Fire Department.  The program is designed to provide supplemental staffing for the department. The program is divided into three levels, each with varying levels of training and certification requirements.

Job Description:

Under general supervision of a Fire Captain, the Reserve Firefighter responds to alarms, rescue and other emergency calls, assists in protecting life and property endangered by fire or other hazards, administers first aid, and participates in fire prevention activities based on his or her skill level. The Reserve Firefighter also participates in regular training, drills and related activities, assists in maintenance of fire stations, apparatus, and equipment, may participate in scheduled public education activities, and performs other duties as assigned.

Minimum Applicant Requirements:

  1. Must be at least 18 years of age by date of appointment.
  2. High school diploma or equivalent (GED). 
  3. Firefighter I (FFI) certification or completion of a fire academy with FFI eligibility.
  4. Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) with local accreditation.
  5. Candidate Physical Abilities Test (CPAT) within the last 12 months prior to appointment.
  6. Must possess a valid California State Motor Vehicle Operator’s License by the date of appointment.
  7. Clean DMV record with no major violations (DUI, Hit and Run, etc.) and no more than one minor violation during the last 12 months.
  8. Two-year minimum service contract required. 

Application Process:

  1. Submit completed application to Human Resources with Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) printout.
  2. Possess a valid California class C driver’s license.
  3. Participate in and pass an oral board interview.
  4. Complete Live Scan fingerprint check.
  5. Complete and pass a comprehensive background check.
  6. Complete and pass medical examination and drug test.


Reserve Firefighters are required to work a minimum of one, 12 hour shift, per month with a minimum of 144 hours and a maximum of 960 hours per fiscal year (July 1st – June 30th). Once 960 hours is reached, the Reserve Firefighter will no longer be able to work until the hours reset to zero on July 1st of the next fiscal year.


Must be physically and mentally fit for duty. Applicant must pass physical evaluation by Kings Industrial and be able to complete physical activities during probation. Must possess the strength and stamina to lift and carry equipment and patient weighing up to 165 pounds and be able to operate in a self-contained breathing apparatus.

Reserve Positions:

All candidates must complete a 24 hour Reserve Firefighter Orientation Academy which consists of three (3) Saturday sessions followed by a skills evaluation.  Candidates must achieve a passing score on the skills evaluation to become eligible as a Reserve Firefighter.

All reserves will serve a one-year probationary period in which they will be required to complete a Kingsburg Reserve Firefighter Task Book.  Failure to complete the assigned task book within the 12-month probationary period will result in expulsion from the Reserve Firefighter Program. 

The Firefighter Reserve Program consists of three levels.  In order to advance to the next level, a reserve must pass a skills evaluation and a written test.  Each reserve will be evaluated on their job performance annually and must remain proficient at their designated level to remain in the program.

Level I

Level I Reserves perform as an entry-level firefighter and must possess a valid EMT-1 card.

Level I Reserves must earn than FF1 certificate within the first 18 months of hire or face expulsion from the reserve program.

Level I Reserves must possess or obtain ambulance drivers certificate within the first 12 months or face expulsion from the program.

Level II

Level II Reserves are those who have a FFI certificate and EMT license, making them eligible to work on any of the designated apparatus per their skill level.

Level III

Level III Reserves are those who have a FF1 certificate (or higher) and a paramedic license making them eligible to function at the highest designated skill level.

Legacy Firefighters

Legacy firefighters are Reserve Firefighters who have been active in the Kingsburg Reserve Firefighter Program prior to January 2019.  Legacy firefighters are permitted to serve in the capacity commensurate with their level of training and certification. 


  1. Reserve Firefighters hourly rate is commensurate with their level of training and certification.
  2. Reserve Firefighters will be compensated on an hourly rate during peak-hour shifts (Monday -Friday 08:00hrs – 20:00hrs less holidays)
  3. Only two (2) Reserve Firefighters shall be compensated per-peak hour shift.
  4. Reserves working during non-peak hours are compensated per call unless two (2) Level I or higher Reserves are on-duty.
  5. Legacy Firefighters shall be compensated on a per call basis and are not counted for peak-hour staffing.
  6. Calls that occur in the same hour will not constitute addition pay for that hour.
  7. All Level I Reserves will start at the state minimum wage ($12.00) per call/per hour.  Reserves will receive a $1.00 per hour rate increase for each advanced level upon earning the required certification(s) and successfully passing the written and skills testing.

Longevity Pay: 

Reserve Firefighters are eligible for a longevity payment at the following service levels:

  • After 5 consecutive years of service = $500
  • After 10 consecutive years of service = $1000
  • After 15 consecutive years of service - $1500
  • After 20 consecutive years of service - $2000

Training requirements:

The mission of the Reserve Firefighter Program is to provide an increased level of trained personnel to supplement on-duty staffing; therefore all reserves must successfully complete a minimum required training level each year. Training will be conducted on shift and two Saturday’s a year. Reserves must complete a minimum of four hours of training per month which must be documented by the on duty Captain.

Reserves will be paid for training at their regular compensatory rate for the Saturday training sessions.

Failure to meet this standard will result in expulsion from the Reserve Firefighter Program.

Training Exception:

Reserves who are employed full time at another fire department may submit documentation of up to 24 hours of outside training for approval by the Captain or designee to be counted towards the minimum training requirements.  The remaining 24 hours of training MUST be performed with the Kingsburg Fire Department.  Any submission not approved by the Captain or designee within the designated reporting period will not be applied towards the minimum training requirements.  Failure to meet the minimum annual training requirements will result in immediate expulsion from the reserve program.


The department will provide one tee shirt, one Class B shirt, and one pair of uniform pants on initial hire, as approved by the Fire Chief.

All reserves will be responsible for purchasing department approved uniform belt and station boots.

Department uniforms and equipment are to be worn/used on duty only and as directed by the on duty Captain or designee. 

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